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Looking for free animals flashcards to teach animals? Below you can download our FREE animals Printable flashcards by clicking on the download button. This set of 75 free animals flashcards include “sea, zoo, and farm animals”. Bright, colorful flashcards can make a big difference on the visual learners.

If you wish to see all the flashcards on our website, click here.

Activities for using flashcards

Drilling activities

  • Invisible Flashcards
    • On the board, stick eight flashcards and draw a grid around them.
    • Drill the eight words using a pointer. Make sure you point at the flashcard you are drilling.
    • Remove the flashcards slowly, but continue drilling and pointing to the grid where the flashcard was.
    • Once the first card is removed, you should point to the blank space and encourage children to say the word of the removed card.
    • Students should remember and continue as if the flashcards were still there. Students are amazed at how well they recall the pictures.
    • For children of different ages, you may ask them to place the flashcards in the right spots on the grid.

The aim of this game is to make sure that the images ‘stick’ in students’ minds.

The set contains 75 FREE flashcards: rabbit, cow, horse, sheep, pig, lamb, goat, chicken, chick, goose, duck, rooster, ostrich, dog, cat, bear, polar bear, penguin, bird, fish, goldfish, zebra, tiger, lion, giraffe, panda, elephant, monkey, rhino, turtle, seal, shark, alligator, dolphin, hippo, snake, lizard, seahorse, jellyfish, octopus, lobster, shrimp, crab, starfish, walrus, fox, peacock, deer, owl, seagull, otter, flamingo. squirrel, koala, kangaroo, hedgehog, mole, wolf, mouse, rat, hamster, iguana, llama, eagle, robin, swallow, hummingbird, parrot, frog, spider, bee, racoon, skunk, camel and fly.

Free to use for personal, educational, and non-commercial use.

How can I thank you? Spread the word!

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