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Looking for free daily routines flashcards to teach daily activities? Below you can download our FREE daily routines Printable flashcards by clicking on the download button. A teacher may show these large flashcards at the front of the class or display them on the board. Bright, colorful flashcards can make a big difference on the visual learners

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Daily Routines Flashcards

These are great cards for teaching students about daily activities, but you can also use them to teach grammar, such as:

  • time phrases: before, after, then, next etc.
  • adverbs of frequency: always, sometimes, never etc.
  • “What time do you__________?”
  • “Do you __________ everyday?”
  • “Why do you__________?”

Once students have practiced enough, its time to play a fun game.

Point or race to the flash cards

  • Stick flash cards around the classroom.
  • Say one of them and students point or race to it.

The set contains 19 FREE flashcards: get up, wake up, make the bed, wash hands, wash face, have a shower, comb hair, have breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, go to school, take classes, have lunch, go home, do homework, read a book, have dinner, watch TV, walk the dog and go to bed.

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