Free Alphabet Animal Sound Matching Printable

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I’m excited to share a fun and educational printable with you all—our Alphabet Animal Sound Matching Printable! This activity is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners, helping them learn their letters and the sounds they make through cute animal pictures.

What’s Included

In this free printable set, you’ll find both uppercase and lowercase versions. You can choose whichever works best for your little learners. We’ve picked easy-to-recognize animals, like L for Lion, P for Pig, and G for Giraffe, to make learning more enjoyable.

How to Use the Printable

  1. Print the Sheets: Download and print the Alphabet Animal Sound Matching sheets. Each letter has a matching animal that starts with that sound.
  2. Cut and Match: Let your child cut out the animal cards and match them to the correct letters. This is a great way to practice scissor skills too!
  3. Laminate for Durability: To make the sheets last longer, laminate them. This way, your child can use them over and over.
  4. Use Velcro: For extra fun and to keep everything in place, use velcro dots. Stick one side of the velcro on the back of each animal card and the other side on the letters.

Tip: You can purchase high-quality laminating pouches from here and Velcro dots from here:

Why You’ll Love This Activity

  • Phonemic Awareness: Helps kids learn the sounds that letters make.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Great for practicing cutting and matching.
  • Letter Recognition: Reinforces both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Interactive Fun: Makes learning playful and engaging.

Grab Your Free Printable

Click the link below to download your free Alphabet Animal Sound Matching Printable. Print as many as you need and watch your child enjoy learning their ABCs with adorable animals!

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